what does your birthstone say about your love life

January - Garnet

Represents trust, love, and friendship.

February - Amethyst

Symbolizes peace, serenity, and inner strength.

March - Aquamarine

Signifies hope, courage, and creativity.

April - Diamond

Stands for strength, purity, and eternal love.

May - Emerald

Represents growth, patience, and fidelity.

June - Pearl

Symbolizes purity, innocence, and love.

July - Ruby

Signifies passion, energy, and enthusiasm.

August - Peridot

Stands for strength, protection, and peace.

September - Sapphire

Represents wisdom, truth, and faith.

October - Opal

Symbolizes hope, purity, and innocence.

November - Topaz

Signifies love, affection, and good fortune.

December - Turquoise

Stands for protection, friendship, and good luck.