These Are The Things Polite People Usually Do.

Apologizing for things that aren't your fault

It is not polite to apologize for something that was not your fault. This can make it seem like you are taking responsibility for something you didn't do.

Saying “No” too often

Saying "no" too often can make you appear uncooperative and unwilling to help others.

Not speaking up when you have an opinion

Not speaking up when you have an opinion can make you appear passive and disinterested in the conversation.

Not asking questions

Not asking questions can make it seem like you're not interested in the topic or conversation.

Not offering to help

Not offering help can make you appear helpless and indifferent to the situation.

Not expressing your opinion

Not offering your opinion can make you appear disinterested and not engaged in the conversation.

Not disagreeing with people

Not wanting to disagree with people can make you appear too agreeable and reluctant to express your opinion.

Not challenging yourself

Not challenging yourself can make you too complacent and reluctant to take risks.

Not saying “Thank you”

Not saying "thank you" can make you seem ungrateful and unappreciative of the help you've been given.