Stop feeling guilty for these bad habits. It's Actually Good For You

Nothing in life is black and white, in the same way habits are not only good or bad, habits widely considered bad are often condemned but are they really that bad.

It turns out that science actually shows that some of our bad habits can actually be good for us, at least not harmful.

If you have done something bad. And then you feel guilty. But the feeling won't go away. It's bothering you. And it makes you think that you are a bad person.

People who expect to feel guilty are more empathetic, and put themselves in other people's place, and think about the end result of their behavior before acting.

People who suffer from guilt work harder and they perform better than those who do not suffer from guilt and are perceived as more capable leaders.

Being messy is a common bad habit and may suggest to some people that you lack discipline. But having bad habits is associated with great creativity.

Some bad habits have very few benefits. No one tells how to deal with it. There certainly weren't any classes on this in high school. But the expert has some answers to make you feel better.