Relationship Problems You Can't Fix


If partners have radically different values, lifestyles, or goals, it can be difficult to reconcile these differences and build a healthy relationship.


Abuse of any kind, including physical, emotional or verbal, is unacceptable and cannot be cured in a relationship.


Cheating on a partner can cause irreparable damage to a relationship and can be difficult to come back from.


If one partner is struggling with addiction, it can be challenging for them to maintain a healthy relationship and overcome their addiction without professional help.


Abusive behavior, which includes name-calling, insulting, or dismissive of a partner's feelings, can be damaging to a relationship.


Lying to a partner or keeping secrets can erode trust and cause significant damage to the relationship.

Control issues

If one partner has a need for control or power in the relationship, it can be difficult to strike a healthy balance and maintain a happy partnership.


Unfounded jealousy or possessiveness can be harmful.