8 Scary Signs Your Partner Is Lying To You, According To Therapists

They avoid eye contact

When someone is lying, they may avoid making direct eye contact with you.

They give too much detail

A person who is lying may over-explain things to try and convince you of their story.

They repeat themselves

If your partner is lying, they may repeat certain phrases or words in an attempt to sound more convincing.

They become defensive

The person lying may become defensive if you question them about their story.

They touch their face or mouth

Lying can make a person feel anxious, which can lead to behaviors such as touching their face or mouth.

They speak in a monotone voice

A person who is lying may speak in a flat, emotionless tone to try to hide their deception.

They change their story

If your partner's story keeps changing, it could be a sign that they are lying.

They use qualifying language

A person who is lying may use language that qualifies or softens their statements, such as "I think" or "maybe".

They get angry

Lying can be stressful, and your partner may become angry or defensive if they feel they are being caught in a lie.