8 Body Language Signs That Mean Someone Isn't Listening to You

They avoid eye contact

If someone is looking away or avoiding eye contact while you're speaking, it could indicate that they're not fully engaged in the conversation.

They fidget or appear restless

Restlessness or fidgeting can be a sign of distraction or boredom.

They cross their arms or legs

Crossing one's arms or legs can indicate defensiveness or a closed-off mindset.

They interrupt or finish your sentences

Interrupting or finishing someone's sentences can indicate impatience or a desire to control the conversation.

They tilt their head or lean away

This could indicate disinterest or a lack of engagement in the conversation.

They check their phone or watch

This could indicate that they're distracted or not fully present in the moment.

They fake a smile or show no facial expression

A fake smile or lack of expression can indicate a lack of genuine interest or engagement in the conversation.

They yawn or appear tired

This could indicate that they're bored or disinterested.

They turn their body away from you

Turning away from someone can indicate a desire to disengage from the conversation.