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How to Choose the Best Roof Shingle Color for Your House

    Are there better color possibilities than what you now have on your roof that would improve the overall exterior appearance of your home and raise curb appeal? It’s simple to choose the same roof color that you already have or that your roofing contractor recommends. However, a new roof is a significant investment, and you may choose the roof color that you truly desire so that your house feels like your home.

    Already in love with the color of your roof? Great! If you want to improve the durability of your roof, ask your builder if the same or a similar shingle color is available with different performance qualities.

    Choosing the correct color for your home comes with having the courage to express your desire for something different.

    Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Roof Color That You Love and Complements Your Home’s Exterior Design

    Here is the top ten roofing industry professionals’ best advice for getting it right with your next roof, from color to style.

    1. Think of your roof as a canvas to express your personal style.

    A roof contributes to 40% of your home’s overall appearance. With so many gorgeous dimensional colors and styles available in today’s asphalt roofing shingle market, you may devote the same amount of time and effort to decorating your exterior as you do your interior.

    2. Take the time to put your ideas into a mood board.

    Your exterior contains various aspects, from window shutters and trims to siding or brick, that will be brought together with your roof, just like any other design project. Explore adaptable shingle and color pairings with online mood boards or style boards for more inspiration and help narrow down what colors will work for your home. Your mood board or style board choices will help you discover the architectural aesthetic that makes the statement you desire with your new roof, from trendy to traditional.

    3. Avoid feeling limited by what you already have on your roof – unless you love the color, of course!

    When the time comes to replace your roof, consider which color roofing shingles can improve the overall appearance of your property. While you may be tempted to replace your current roof with the same shingle color, use this home exterior project to renew the appearance of your property and increase its curb appeal.

    4. Explore bold, high-contrast designer shingle options.

    Consider vivid dimensional color for your new roof if it is an essential aspect of your unique style. Color may help you create a statement with your next roofing shingle color, from bold and energetic to subtle and timeless.

    With the right roofing shingle color, you may improve the appearance of your home while also complementing its natural surroundings and architectural components.

    5. Compare the actual impact on cost if you want to upgrade your roofing shingles.

    The price difference between roofing shingle product lines may be less than you expect, so upgrading to an architectural shingle in a designer color may be within your budget. Of course, only a roofing contractor can provide you with an estimate depending on the specifics of your home and the items you choose. However, acquiring the same roof shingle you desire may only add a few hundred dollars to the overall project cost.

    To make an informed selection regarding your new roof, ask your contractor to show you the pricing difference between the roofing shingle options you’re considering.

    6. Communicate your roof color and style ideas with confidence.

    There are several roofing shingle styles and colors to choose from, so don’t limit yourself. When working with your roofing contractor to pick the ideal shingles for your home, it is customary to request additional extensive format shingle samples or to see more diversity.

    It is recommended to perform your preliminary color pick on the manufacturer’s website, then request that the contractor bring those sample colors. This reduces back-and-forth and the need for several appointments.

    7. Examine the shingle color in person (in real life).

    Experts advise looking at properties in your community with the same roofing shingle color installed. If you can identify a house with a similar roofline and pitch, you’ll know how the shingle color will look in natural light.

    Request a list of recommended properties from your roofing contractor so you can drive by and watch the shingles in action at different times of day and in varied weather conditions.

    8. Consider the big picture.

    When shingle colors are matched to another hue on the exterior, they might produce a chameleon effect. So, don’t worry about matching your colors—remember that the color granules will look different compared to another hue. Learn the sample board your contractor brought with you against your home’s façade to get a sense of how the granule colors will mix for an overall impression once installed on the roof.

    9. Consider the impact of lighting.

    The overall appearance of a roof can change depending on the time of day and the amount of light available. So before choosing a favorite hue, take your samples outside in the morning, midday, and evening to ensure that you consistently like what you see.

    10. Think about hiring a home designer.

    What color will complement your yellow siding or red brick house?

    You can always get a second view from a design professional with a trained eye. You may often locate a roofing shingle color that can enable you comfortably tie together external design elements like siding, trim, and paint colors for a daily charge.

    But, if you follow the above recommendations, you can do it successfully and confidently. Online visualization tools, such as our DesignEyeQ®, can help you visualize how your home would look with various roof combinations, siding, and trim colors.

    Choosing the color of your next roofing shingle may be a fun and fulfilling experience. Consider your next roof as an opportunity to reinvent the appearance of your home’s exterior design.

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